Mortuary Science Schools

Mortuary science schools by state

The US has 58 mortuary science schools that are accredited by the American Board of Funeral Service Education (ABFSE).  Not every state has an accredited mortician school. While most mortuary science schools offer online learning for general coursework, there are 13 programs that offer online learning for a substantial portion of school credits. The tuition for online learning per credit hour is usually between the in-state and out-of state tuition rate.  When doing research to decide which school to attend, please keep the following factors in mind: what state you want to work in, tuition, and historical license exam pass rates. Each state has different licensing requirements and it is best to read about those requirements before you start to pick a mortician school. For example, if you eventually want to practice in Colorado, a state that has no license requirements, you would be happy to know you don’t HAVE to go to school or take any exams. However, we strongly advise you to still go through the proper training and consult with the program directors at various mortuary science schools to figure out whether this will hurt your resume.

School Rankings:

For those of you who like ranking schools, we have come up with our own method of ranking the national mortuary science schools.We use the average of the in-state and out-of state tuition divided by the historical exam pass rate as a proxy for gauging the relative value of a mortician school. In other words, we ranking the mortician schools by how many dollars buys you a one percent increase in pass rate. A lower ratio indicates you are spending less tuition dollars to earn higher pass rates.
1,Holmes Community College,Mississippi
2,Cypress College,California
3,Delgado Community College,Louisiana
4,East Mississippi Community College,Mississippi
5, University of Arkansas Community College at Hope,Arkansas

Summary and using the data table below:

The average in state tuition in $11,780 and the average out of state tuition is $22,693. This assumes a two year/60 credit hour program. The national average historical license exam pass rate is 77%.

We have compiled a database of the 58 mortuary science schools and data about each. We have kindly added the ability for you to sort the data so that you can get rankings information for tuition and pass rate. All tuition data assumes a 60 credit hour (two year) program just to make it easier to compare results. If a mortician school has the same in-state and out-of state tuition, it means it is a private institution. Also, the board exam pass rate assumes the average of the last three years.

StateNameOnline CoursesIn State Tuition & FeesOut State Tuition & FeesLicense Exam Pass Rate
AlabamaBishop State Community CollegeNO$8,520 $17,040
AlabamaJefferson State Community CollegeYES (>50%)$8,640 $15,420 86%
AlaskaNo Accredited Program Yet
ArizonaMesa Community CollegeYES - First year, general education only$5,040 $19,500 78%
ArkansasUniversity of Arkansas Community CollegeYES - First year, general education only$3,930 $7,860 65%
CaliforniaAmerican River CollegeYES (Limited)$2,760 $15,420 91%
CaliforniaCypress CollegeNO$2,760 $12,480 93%
ColoradoArapahoe Community CollegeYES (>50%)$9,180 $32,460 69%
ConnecticutLincoln College of New EnglandNO$18,780 $18,780 94%
DelawareNo Accredited Program Yet
District of ColumbiaCommunity College of the District of ColumbiaNO$7,800 $18,780 45%
FloridaFlorida State College at JacksonvilleYES (General Education Only)$6,900 $24,000 68%
FloridaMiami-Dade CollegeNO$5,520 $21,420 87%
FloridaSt. Petersburg CollegeYES (>50%)$7,260 $25,440 81%
GeorgiaGupton-Jones College of Funeral ServiceYES - First year, general education only$22,200 $22,200 68%
GeorgiaOgeechee Technical CollegeYES (Limited)$6,692 $6,692 72%
HawaiiNo Accredited Program Yet
IdahoNo Accredited Program Yet
IllinoisCarl Sandburg CollegeNO$8,700 $14,580 84%
IllinoisMalcolm X CollegeYES (General Education Only)$5,340 $15,000 56%
IllinoisSouthern Illinois UniversityNO$27,020 $52,264 87%
IllinoisWorsham College of Mortuary ScienceNO$20,700 $20,700 82%
IndianaIvy Tech Community College of IndianaNO$7,560 $15,600 81%
IndianaIvy Tech Community College of IndianaYES (Limited)$7,560 $15,600 65%
IndianaMid-America College of Funeral ServiceYES (General Education Only)$14,800 $14,800 75%
IndianaVincennes UniversityYES (>50%)$9,900 $24,000 78%
IowaDes Moines Area Community CollegeYES (>50%)$10,440 $18,780 86%
KansasKansas City Kansas Community CollegeNO$5,280 $13,320 84%
KentuckySoutheast Kentucky Community and Technical CollegeNO$9,060 $31,140
LouisianaDelgado Community CollegeNO$6,660 $6,660 79%
MaineNo Accredited Program Yet
MarylandCommunity College of Baltimore CountyYES (General Education Only)$7,500 $33,360 99%
MassachusettsFINE Mortuary College, LLCYES (Limited)$39,150 $39,150 93%
MassachusettsMount Ida CollegeNO$58,464 $58,464 67%
MichiganWayne State UniversityNO$24,144 $52,488 71%
MinnesotaUniversity of MinnesotaNO$27,840 $44,580 92%
MississippiEast Mississippi Community CollegeYES (General Education Only)$4,100 $8,200 73%
MississippiHolmes Community CollegeYES (Limited)$4,000 $5,160 90%
MississippiMississippi Gulf Coast Community CollegeNO$5,104 $8,796 72%
MississippiNorthwest Mississippi Community CollegeNO$5,100 $9,900 64%
MissouriNo Accredited Program Yet
MontanaNo Accredited Program Yet
NebraskaNo Accredited Program Yet
NevadaNo Accredited Program Yet
New HampshireNo Accredited Program Yet
New JerseyMercer County Community CollegeNO$8,820 $16,860 78%
New MexicoNo Accredited Program Yet
New YorkAmerican Academy McAllisterYES (>50%)$27,000 $27,000 88%
New YorkHudson Valley Community CollegeYES (>50%)$7,960 $23,880 74%
New YorkNassau Community CollegeYES (Limited)$8,468 $16,936 64%
New YorkState University of New YorkYES (Limited)$6,170 $10,340 63%
North CarolinaFayetteville Technical Community CollegeYES (>50%)$4,320 $15,840 85%
North DakotaNo Accredited Program Yet
OhioCincinnati College of Mortuary ScienceNO$23,250 $23,250 72%
OklahomaUniversity of Central OklahomaYES (>50%)$11,580 $28,500 88%
OregonMt. Hood Community CollegeNO$6,000 $13,020 90%
PennsylvaniaNorthampton Community CollegeNO$7,680 $24,840 73%
PennsylvaniaPittsburgh Institute of Mortuary ScienceYES (Limited)$22,680 $22,680 75%
Rhode IslandNo Accredited Program Yet
South CarolinaPiedmont Technical CollegeYES (Limited)$9,600 $13,980 66%
South DakotaNo Accredited Program Yet
TennesseeJohn A. Gupton CollegeNO$17,700 $17,700 91%
TexasAmarillo CollegeYES (>50%)$9,568 $21,808 65%
TexasCommonwealth Institute of Funeral ServiceYES (>50%)$14,456 $14,456 69%
TexasDallas Institute of Funeral ServiceYES (General Education Only)$18,500 $18,500 72%
TexasSan Antonio CollegeYES (Limited)$4,016 $21,320 90%
UtahSalt Lake Community CollegeNO$6,936 $22,020
VermontNo Accredited Program Yet
VirginiaJohn Tyler Community CollegeYES (Limited)$8,160 $19,860 63%
VirginiaTidewater Community CollegeNO$9,840 $21,540 89%
WashingtonLake Washington Institute of TechnologyYES (>50%)$5,972 $12,952 58%
West VirginiaNo Accredited Program Yet
WisconsinMilwaukee Area Technical CollegeNO$8,400 $12,180 69%
WyomingNo Accredited Program Yet
 State CollegeApprenticeshipContinuing Education
AlabamaTwo yearsTwo years8 hours twice a year
AlaskaOne yearOne yearNo Requirements
ArizonaTwo yearsOne year16 hours per year
ArkansasTwo yearsOne year6 hours per year
CaliforniaTwo yearsTwo yearsNo Requirements
ColoradoNo RequirementsNo RequirementsNo Requirements
ConnecticutTwo yearsOne year6 hours per year
DelawareTwo yearsOne year10 hours every two years
District of ColumbiaTwo yearsOne year6 hours per year
FloridaOne yearOne year12 hours every two years
GeorgiaOne yearTwo years10 hours every two years
HawaiiTwo yearsOne yearNo Requirements
IdahoTwo yearsOne year8 hours per year
IllinoisOne yearOne year12 hours per year
IndianaTwo yearsOne year10 hours every two years
IowaTwo yearsOne year24 hours every two years
KansasTwo yearsOne year12 hours every two years
KentuckyTwo yearsThree years12 hours every two years
LouisianaOne yearOne year4 hours every year
MaineTwo yearsOne year12 hours every two years
MarylandTwo yearsOne year12 hours every two years
MassachusettsTwo yearsTwo years8 hours every year
MichiganTwo yearsOne yearNo Requirements
MinnesotaTwo yearsOne year12 hours every two years
MississippiOne yearTwo yearsNo Requirements
MissouriOne yearOne yearNo Requirements
MontanaTwo yearsOne year6 hours per year
NebraskaTwo yearsOne year6 hours per year
NevadaTwo yearsOne yearNo Requirements
New HampshireTwo yearsOne year15 hours every two years
New JerseyTwo yearsTwo years10 hours every two years
New MexicoTwo yearsOne year10 hours every year
New YorkTwo yearsOne year12 hours every two years
North CarolinaOne yearOne year8 hours every year
North DakotaTwo yearsOne yearNo Requirements
OhioOne yearOne year18 hours every two years
OklahomaTwo yearsOne year6 hours every year
OregonTwo yearsTwo yearsNo Requirements
PennsylvaniaTwo yearsOne year6 hours every two years
Rhode IslandTwo yearsTwo years5 hours every year
South CarolinaTwo yearsTwo years3 hours every year
South DakotaTwo yearsOne yearNo Requirements
TennesseeOne yearOne year10 hours every two years
TexasTwo yearsTwo years16 hours every two years
UtahTwo yearsOne year20 hours every two years
VermontTwo yearsOne year10 hours every two years
VirginiaTwo yearsOne year5 hours every year
Washington StateTwo yearsOne year10 hours every two years
West VirginiaTwo yearsOne year7 hours every two years
WisconsinTwo yearsOne year15 hours every two years
WyomingTwo yearsTwo yearsNo Requirements